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What’s Up Wednesday

Hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk, this is a great way for writers to get together and keep in touch!

So what have I been up to?


I finished reading my selection for Freedom to Read Week, which is the week of Feb. 22-28. I’ll do a post about it during that week!

I’ve completed The Storyteller, and now I’ve started To Kill A Mockingbird. Nope, I’ve never read it before! I was supposed to read it in grade 9, but I switched schools halfway through the year, and school A read it semester 2, and school B read it in semester 1. But like many others, I figured with the news of the new book coming out, I should get around to actually reading this classic.


Still reading through the first draft of my WIP, making small changes and noting the bigger things to work on. I’ve also been doing a bit of work on some short stories, =)

I had one of those small revelations a few weeks back about my writing…a tweak to my style that makes my writing stronger. It’s wonderful to have those revelations (although you always wonder why you never noticed the problem before) so I’ve been putting this change into play with my latest story.


The floors are in the office, and they look great! With the moving around of the office furniture, we ended up going through some clutter and doing a whole house clean, which took a few days. Not terribly exciting, but it’s nice to have it finished, =)

That’s been my week. What have you been up to?


  • Jess Gofton

    I've never read To Kill a Mockingbird either, but I think it's because people are always recommending it to me!

    You can't go wrong with a writing revelation, no matter how small! πŸ™‚ Have a great week!

  • Crystal Collier

    Ah, those moments you wake up and realize something isn't jelling with your normal method of writing… I love and hate them.

    I think I would have liked To Kill a Mockingbird more if it hadn't been required reading. As it was, I really didn't enjoy it.

  • Mere Joyce

    That's pretty much why I haven't read it, either…if I'm not initially interested in something, I usually want to read it less the more people tell me how great it is! I'm hoping I'll enjoy this one, though =)

  • Mere Joyce

    Yes, required reading can be a horrible thing…I really like when teachers leave reading fairly open. I think there are a few classics I would have enjoyed more if I hadn't been forced to read them!

  • Jaime Morrow

    I only just read TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD recently for the first time. We didn't read that one in my high school in Northern Ontario. Though, somehow between switching schools and classes, I ended up reading/studying LORD OF THE FLIES three times. Three times! Ugh. I did really enjoy TKaM when I finally got around to it.

    Awesome about the style tweak! I love when that kind of eureka moment happens. Have a great week, Mere! πŸ˜€

  • Rachel

    I read TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD in 8th grade but I don't really remember it. I would like to do a reread one day. Great job on the eureka moment…love them, don't you? πŸ™‚

  • Erin L. Funk

    I was never assigned TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD either, but my son and I are going to start reading it soon for a unit we're doing on the Civil Rights Movement. That's the great thing about homeschooling–I can assign myself homework too lol.

    Glad to hear you had a revelation about your writing. Love it when that happens! It's amazing how even a simple tweak can help hone your writing style and polish things up so much more. Have a super week!

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