Writer’s Creed 2013

I saw this fantastic creed on Tamara’s blog, and then I visited S.A. Larsen’s blog, where the creed originated. I love the idea of this, and am thus taking the pledge myself.

I love writing. I always have, and I truly hope that I always will. It has been a natural part of my life since a very early age. Storytelling is my favourite art, and it makes up a big chunk of my life (my writing and reading, my job as a librarian, my love of movie watching? All due to storytelling!)

Last year, I decided to take writing seriously. I joined the fantabulous Query Tracker forum, I began following writer blogs, and I even entered into my first contest. But I mostly kept my writing to myself.

Fast forward to 2013, and now I’ve decided to throw that idea away. I am not a fan of proclaiming to be something I’m not but I’ve discovered the wonderful ability to tell people I’m a writer, as opposed to an author. Of course, I hope to be an author some day, but for now, I’m content with my realization that writing in itself is something I can proudly admit to. Plus, it seems like everyone in my family and at my work have figured out that I am at least half-heartily making a go at writing. They may not have the slightest clue as to how difficult this passion is, but they recognize that I’m doing it, so why bother hiding?

So this year, I pledge to try and be a more active member of the writing community. I want to connect with more writers, enter more contests, and learn as much as I can! I’ve already met some fantastic people in this community, and I can’t wait to meet more.

And of course I want to write, write, write!

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