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I’m excited. I’ve been working on this one ms for a long time…I am determined to keep things slow and to take as much time as I need to make the story strong and to let myself get immersed in the world of it. But now, finally, I’ve reached the scene.

This story started out with an inspiration, and this inspiration was of the type that melds itself perfectly into one singular scene. I’ve created an entire story around this one scene, and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. But now, at last, I am actually at the point of writing the scene that inspired my entire story! The manuscript is not at its end, yet, but it’s getting there, and this scene is the set-up for the final events.

The funny thing is, I think once I’m done the novel and I start the process of editing, I will probably enjoy some of the other scenes more than this one. And yet, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for since I began the process of writing the book.

So in addition to being excited, I am also rather nervous. After all, this scene needs to be awesome, but it’s going to be a difficult scene to write.

Have you ever had the scene? That one area of the story that you’ve been visualizing for a long time, that single conversation that sets the whole world in motion, that heart-stopping climax that will knock readers off their feet, or that tragic moment you’ve been dreading to make come true for your characters?

It’s interesting that, as much as we try to balance the story in our minds, there are certain parts that always stick out (at least for me). Sometimes these are not even necessarily the “interesting” bits, but they are pieces of the story that demand to be heard again and again. It’s fun to finally write them, but exhausting, too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent so much energy thinking a scene through that just the idea of actually writing it wipes me out!

So how do you cope with writing a scene like this? Do you drive right in immediately, happy (or desperate) to get the words on paper/screen? Or do you sit back and take your time, making sure you don’t rush it and enjoying the excitement of actually knowing what you’re going to write?

I’ve put off the scene for a bit, and now, armed with a cup of earl grey and some orange chocolate, I plan to tackle it tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes. ^_^ 

It might, in fact, go a little like this…although I doubt visions of housecleaning will dance through
 my head (okay, they might now…), and I am sure cleaning the house won’t make 
me feel better *gives evil eye to pile of dishes in sink*


  • Deshipley

    Reaching scenes that you've seen coming for a while can be very exciting! …or kind of terrifying, depending on how you feel about the task at hand.

    I'm a linear writer, and so don't feel at liberty to bounce around on the book's timeline, writing whatever I want whenever I happen to feel like it; I've got to take the steady course from A,B,C through L,M,N,O,P to X,Y,Z.

    The anticipation of getting to a scene can be part of the fun, so long as I can find enjoyment in any given moment along the way, too. (:

    Good fortune to you and your scene tonight!

  • Mere Joyce

    I tend to write in a linear fashion as well, and it can be difficult when you just want to write a certain scene, but know you have ___ scenes to get through first!

    The scene actually went well…I was able to write it straight through, even without my tea and chocolate! (Don't worry, I had them afterwards as a reward, instead). Nothing is better than that combination, I've learned, =3

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