Writing with a Baby!

So, my little one is now a month old. Motherhood is wonderful, full of things I expected, and things I did not. I’m loving every day with my son, but I was surprised to find how quickly the urge to get back into the writing community came to me after his birth. I’d expected to be totally away from writing for a few months, but at one month post-delivery, I’m already getting back into it!

Obviously it’ll be slow-going, and it will still likely be a while before I do any new writing. But I’ve been submitting, editing, and brainstorming when I can, and I have to say I’m really pleased! I’d planned that a baby would change things, and I worried that I’d struggle to get back into writing after all was said and done. So I’m really happy I’ve already been able to do a bit of writing-related work, all while getting lots of time (all the time!) with my baby!

Have any of you had to readjust to writing life after a new baby or other big life event? How did you get back into it?

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  1. S.K. Anthony says:
    I'm so glad you've been productive with it!!! I've . . . not been as lucky lol

    Funny enough I was complaining a bit on my other blog about time management and writing time. Insane! But enjoy it, edit, and brainstorm!!!!

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  2. How encouraging! I was working full time when my daughter was a newborn. I suspect I would have found it fairly easy to write then, as infants sleep a lot. The toddler years are a bit more tricky–when this little person doesn't stay where you put him/her and tends to get into things s/he shouldn't.

    I got serious about writing when my daughter was two and got back into the habit by having some accountability–a friend asking to see pages of whatever I wanted to write every month. Also, designating 2-3 of the kiddo's naptimes a week specifically to write.

  3. Diana Wilder says:
    Wonderful that you're feeling the urge to write and at the same time enjoying your son. I can't add anything to the comments above, except to remark that I wouldn't be surprised to learn that your creativity is deepened and turned in unexpected directions with that little boy's influence. Time will tell. In the mean time, enjoy him!
  4. Deshipley says:
    I'll soon get to discover what it's like, writing with a baby in the house: My sister just gave birth to her own little boy! 😀
  5. I'm expecting baby #4, and the first advice I always give people when they're having their first kid: Get a hobby. =) You have to be there 100% of the time for that kid, but you also have to do something for yourself. It definitely gets harder the more kids you have, but I'm hoping there will still be time after my little one gets here.

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  6. cleemckenzie says:
    Write in that baby book. You'll look back later and be glad you took the time to note what your little guy did and how you felt about it.